In order to better satisfy your bookkeeping requirements, we offer three different levels of engagement:


Our BizKeeping Service involves complete outsourcing of your bookkeeping needs to Bizkeeping Corp.. In a completely professional, convenient, accurate & timely manner, Bizkeeping Corp. is responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable, and financial reporting for your company allowing you to enhance your focus on business and reduce risk while increasing productivity.

After-The-Fact Bookkeeping

In the After-The-Fact bookkeeping method, account managers continue utilizing electronic or manual check writing for their in-house accounts payable. The account receivable and Bizkeeping Corp. completes the bookkeeping after the fact. This option enables clients to maintain control of their accounts personally, but because Bizkeeping Corp. completes the bookkeeping after the fact, our system, therefore, produces the financial reports.

Supervisory and Training

In this method, account managers can be trained by our staff, and after training is complete, Bizkeeping, Corp. is available for the supervision of the account. This option allows for bookkeeping to be completed in-house and therefore, the books are readily available to allow for ease of financial reporting. This option is especially convenient when management constantly requires unscheduled and non-standard reporting and/or analysis.

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